dimanche 24 avril 2011

Élevage de caille

Quail is a small important sources for the production of meat, eggs, and can contribute a significant role in reducing the crisis of meat when the deployment of attention to upbringing and care of the small farmer and I have also run the unemployed youth and solve the problem of unemployment.
And the flesh of quail is delicious and free of cholesterol Odhu a good appetite and needs food to Pihtaj few small areas in his upbringing in this leaflet we explain how to raise and care for quail and food needs can be deployed even more widely bred and profitability is higher among those interested in Balsman private investors.
Economic importance and the formal qualities of the quail:

A good source of animal protein free of cholesterol.
Flying consumes about 450-500 grams of feed to weight up to 125-150 g during the initial 45 days of age.
Low cost of education.
Good area for investment.
Turnover rapidly (within 45 days).
Early sexual maturity at the age of 5-6 weeks.
High production of eggs (250-300 eggs per year productivity).
Rapid growth, up to about 150 g at the age of 6 weeks.
Egg weight was about 10-12 gm.
Incubation period of 14-17 days.
Crust color and white pied violet color.
Light gray color of female and male gray and brown neck area.
Light gray color of female and male gray and brown neck area.
Can live quails until the age of 10 years.

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